The Ocean Can Be Yours @ Gerald Moore


The ocean can be yours. Can it? Visas, passports and border control may argue otherwise. Air travel is a modern phenomenon, the first commercial flight crossed the skies in 1914, before then however, voyages traversed oceans by ship. Who owns the sea? This is a question that our ancestors have been arguing about for centuries […]

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Chiharu Shiota @ Le Bon Marché, Paris


White. Soft, clean and pure. It is the colour of snow. It is fresh and gentle. The colour white is never associated with anything bad. In fact, it is often only linked with goodness. There is something magical about walking through Le Bon Marché in Paris right now. Large white forms have been suspended from […]

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Howard Tangye @ Amar Gallery


A new gallery has been born in-between Islington and Kings Cross. With a view to create a sense of community in one of London’s ever-growing art hubs, Amar Gallery both exhibits contemporary art and hosts an on-site studio where it will provide residencies for artists from all over the world. Its inaugural exhibition Links has […]

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Gavin Turk @ Newport Street


The Gavin Turk retrospective at Newport Street Gallery asks all the fundamental questions about modern art. Who? What? When? Where? How? Why? They are all covered in the show’s title, however, I personally don’t think that either Turk or his audience has found the answers just yet. Turk’s oeuvre is an explorative one. References to […]

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Azadeh Razaghdoost @ Sophia Contemporary


‘O rose thou art sick The invisible worm … Has found out thy bed Of crimson joy And his dark secret love Does thy life destroy’ – The Sick Rose, William Blake, 1794 What does the state of contemporary Iran and eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain and France have in common? Persian artist, Azadeh Razaghdoost, […]

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Bahrain Art Week @ Asia House


I have always believed that art is a powerful tool of communication. Although it is often audibly silent, the visual nature of art has the ability to speak volumes in ways the written or spoken word cannot. The opening reception to Bahrain Art Week began with a panel discussion that included a former British MP […]

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Anselm Kiefer @ White Cube


If you only see one more exhibition before this year draws to a close, make sure it is Anselm Kiefer’s solo exhibition at White Cube. Walhalla is an immersive experience which unravels to reveal a beguiling universe as you progress through the gallery space. Kiefer’s show is a journey. His work has completely taken over […]

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