Why You Should Take An Interest in Contemporary Art


Around this time last year I uploaded an article about the benefits of studying the history of art and what you can do with it. Since then, I have graduated with a bachelors degree in art history and have made most of my way through a masters degree in contemporary art theory, a subject which, […]

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Captioning portraits


While most reviews of visual art exhibitions write about the layout and presentation of shows, they very rarely concern themselves with critiquing the wall text and captions of the images on display. However, for this week’s post I am going to discuss the way in which captions are written, especially when it comes to portraits. […]

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Can an image tell us about a person?


Last week I made a trip to the Saatchi Gallery to view Sam Taylor-Johnson’s photographs of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s apartment. It is not a secret that I am a fashion fanatic and I was expecting the images of Chanel’s private rooms to give me a glimpse into the designer’s personal space, thus providing an enriched […]

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Is Fashion an Art?

Jean Paul Gaultier at the Barbican

September not only means the start of the new academic year. While millions of children and students around the world are readying themselves for essays and lectures, the world’s sartorial elite cast their eyes to New York, London, Paris and Milan for a month of four consecutive weeks of fashion. What does this have to […]

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Why I Admire Artists


Given that this blog celebrates art and everything about it, I rarely write a great deal about artists. Most of my articles have been about works of art and the display of them, however the creators of these pieces are pushed into the background. Now however, I am going to explain just why I admire […]

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Feminism in Contemporary Art


Warning: This post may be controversial. A few months ago I was invited to a one-day exhibition of contemporary feminist art consisting of paintings, installations and performances. To be honest I have never quite completely understood the usual approach to feminism in contemporary art. Yes, I am for feminism, however, personally, I do not see […]

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Curating: Is it a form of art?


A few days ago a friend asked me to view his blog. He then sent me a link to his tumblr, a website where most people who use it reblog images from others with very little of their own original content. To this I replied that I didn’t see tumblr as blogging as the subject […]

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