Gallery Girl meets Hayv Kahraman, Vincent Cy Chen, Raphael Khouri and Rose Issa

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been on the road for the past month. In the meanwhile however, I have had a number of pieces published in other publications, highlights of which you can read here!

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Hayv Kahraman @ De La Warr

“And here I am, calling myself part of you but I can’t read you. Am I betraying you? How can I love you if I abandon you? I dwell in between the us and them… Naked, with ruby lips and cadmium cheeks, she gives you what you desire because she knows you like it. She’s […]

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Dreamers Awake @ White Cube

I become my art, my art becomes me. My art is becoming my heart in my art. My heart is hard to handle, my art is too. I want to overwhelm you. I want to touch your feelings I want to give you tender strength. Feel! Feel the folds; one fold, two folds, expressive precise […]

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